Will Frith
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Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae

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Independent Consulting


Vietnam Coffee Republic, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Training and education development, barista training and support.

The Workshop, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Roaster training, QC systems, product development. barista training and support.

[a] café, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Roaster and barista training, customer service training, event planning

La Viet, Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Barista and roaster training, QC systems, equipment support, training and education systems, business development


Bolaven Farms, Pakse, Laos: Roasting machine commissioning, Basic operator training, Quality Control Basics training.

Eastgate Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Roaster training, barista training, branding, green coffee sourcing, quality control, roast profile building

Mach Coffee, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Hong Kong: Quality control, roast profile building, product development

Golden Bell Coffee, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam: Roaster training, barista training, roast profile building, green coffee improvement, quality control

fi-lan’thro-pe, Dalat, VietnamQuality control, roaster training, cupping training, business strategy

Temple Hills Coffee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Business strategy consulting, training, green coffee development


Mod Coffeehouse, Galveston, Texas: Barista training, business development, consulting

Full-Time Industry Experience

2015-2018 Modbar Llc (La Marzocco)
Planning, Layout & Design Consultant.

  • Customer Support & User Engagement, Sales & Consulting, Technical Support, R&D, Relationship Management, Installation & Bar Flow

  • Trade shows and events - coordination, logistics, operation & representation.

  • Pre-sales, sales, and after sales transitional strategy and support during Modbar / La Marzocco merger

2014 - 2015: The New Black, Singapore
Director of Coffee

Technical, R&D; Menu creation and development; Quality control/systems; Equipment selection, implementation, commissioning and maintenance, curriculum & training; workflow systems & bar design; supplier network; SOP creation and development

2011-2013: Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Olympia, Washington

Production roasting, roaster maintenance (Diedrich HR-1 and IR-12 and Jabez-Burns Sample Roaster), quality control, assistant to green coffee buyer, research and development, barista training, wholesale client consulting and support. 2013 Micro Roaster of the Year, Roast Magazine.

2007-2011: Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, Olympia, Washington

Production, barista training, research and development, quality assurance, customer support and consulting

2001-2004: Mod Coffeehouse, Galveston, Texas

Barista, baker, staff manager, trainer

Skills & Teaching Subjects

Cupping: daily production cupping, assisting in green coffee buying decisions, facilitating cuppings for current and potential clients, organizing and facilitating public tasting events

Roasting: sample roasting, roast profiles development (production roast levels, espresso for competition and guest espresso in retail and wholesale), post-roast blend development, production roasting, roaster maintenance and troubleshooting

Teaching and Training: curriculum development, training programming, on-site customer support, barista (espresso, automated and manual brewing), cupping and roaster training, retail and production/manufacturing consulting.

Equipment (installation, operation, maintenance and repair): Various Espresso Machines, Grinders, Brewers, & Roasters

Customer Service: on-the-bar experience, training and education, tours of facilities and retail locations, consulting for startup and existing retail coffee locations, ordering and procurement, equipment maintenance and repair

Competition/ParticipationSensory Judge at various regional, national, and international Barista Competitions (2009-present); Station Instructor for BGA espresso workshops; Station Instructor for Roasting and Cupping workshops; Regional Brewer’s Cup finalist (2011, 2012); Various Community Coffee Events (planning, hosting, logistics, dish washing)

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